Organizations that help in Somalia

The need for assistance in Somalia has increased from 5 million to over 6 million. There are so many natural disasters that have and do happen that affect these people every year. Somalia is susceptible to flooding, drought and constant conflict that affect the security and food supply of the people living there. Hundreds of thousands of children are at risk of famine. There is a combination of issues that have caused Somalia to deteriorate. Climate change, food crisis and irregular rainfall patterns have a lot to do with it. This had lead to deaths of livestock, poor water sources and the absence of milk. Without these helpful organizations, the situation in Somalia will worsen.

Islamic Relief

Islamic Relief is an organization that has been around for the past 25 years, and is committed to helping people in all walks of life, regardless of religion, race, or gender, and they are working together to free the world of poverty.

Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps was founded since 2005 and has been an important ally to Somalia. Decades of extremism and strife have resulted in the Somalia people to become displaced from their homes. The people of Somalia rely on government assistance and the help of such organizations as Mercy Corps. This organization helps provide clean water and distributes food. They help provide cash assistance, training and livelihood support that helps families supplement their income. They help increase education and provide more opportunities for youth.

Concern Worldwide

Concern Worldwide began working with Somalia since 1986. They respond quickly to emergencies caused by flooding, food shortages and drought. They also run programs long-term to help the people of Somalia to sustain their nutrition, education, health and livelihood. Concern Worldwide has provided cash transfers to over 14,000 families. They provide the families who don’t have telephones sim-cards so they can receive the transfers by mobile.

United Muslim Relief

Thousands of families are forced to flee for their lives due to constant fighting and war. The United Muslim Relief helps millions of people including children with food, education and proper healthcare. They collect donations of toothbrushes, toothpaste and provide dental units to help these families maintain proper dental care. Many children suffer from dental diseases which can lead to other health problems because of poor dental care.

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