Are You Managing Diabetes Effectively?

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with diabetes, you already know that it can be a life-changing diagnosis. At first, it can feel like the most devastating news you could ever hear. It means that there will have to be a lot of changes in your life, from the way that you eat and exercise to the amount of hours that you work, all so you can manage your blood sugar more effectively. Those individuals who are diagnosed with Type II diabetes later in life are usually the ones who are most affected.

This is because they have been healthy before their diagnosis in most cases and then all of a sudden, they are faced with having to change virtually everything about the way they live their lives. If you find yourself in this situation or you are dealing with a loved one who is going through this, it can be something that is extremely difficult to get through, especially at first.

Fortunately, Type II diabetes can be prevented in most cases. Most of it involves living a healthier lifestyle and making some necessary changes before it gets to the point that you actually have the disease. If you eat a lot of complex carbohydrates or starchy foods like potatoes and bread or you have a big sweet tooth, it might be time to cut back on some of those foods in exchange for healthier fruits and vegetables. By the same token, you should make sure that you are getting at least a moderate amount of physical activity. If you have a job that requires you to be sedentary most of the time and you aren’t exercising in any capacity, your risk for Type II diabetes goes up dramatically.

Type II diabetes is not the only version of the disease. If you have a loved one that is diagnosed with Type I diabetes, your family has probably been dealing with this for a number of years. Unlike the other form of the disease that is often brought on by poor diet and lack of exercise, some people are predisposed to the Type I version of the disease which has nothing to do with being caused by a poor diet.

In this case, it is essential that it be adequately managed. Typically, Type I diabetes is managed in much the same way. It requires daily insulin shots along with a careful diet and exercise routine. In either case, you are your loved one will have to monitor blood sugar daily.

If you are looking for resources when it comes to diabetes management, JenCare is one of the best places to go. Here, you can find out more information about the disease, discover new and innovative ways to manage it and get the support that you need when dealing with a disease that seems to have taken control over your life. The most important thing to remember is that there is help out there. All you have to do is know where to look and then be willing to take advantage of it.

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