Should Healthcare be a personal responsibility?

Health care is a difficult subject these days with new legislation casually being blocked at every turn. For people who think that the government should stay out of healthcare, they are not seeing that the United States is a developed country with a high maternal mortality rate because of our health care crisis. Lack of healthcare access is what causes this problem. Obesity is the second cause of this problem of maternal death rates. Doctors have had to come up with standards of care in light of the desire to solve this problem. Health care needs to be a government responsibility, because for individuals, the cost of care is quite high. It can be up to the states to create guidelines for childbirth procedures.

Healthcare needs to be a government responsibility because it needs to be standardized. We lack common health care standards in American medicine. Health care has to be single-payer. The national health care system in the United States is in deep crisis because of lack of leadership. You can access insurance but it is expensive due to lack of standardization. The Affordable Care Act was revolutionary in its simplicity. People had options for the first time. People had access. This was a great time to be alive and have a disability.

But then the government decided to get involved, and attempted to gut the precious Affordable Care Act just to please a minority that didn’t want the government as involved. A free market health care system leaves many in the dust without access. Paying health care costs out of pocket is very troubling for those with disabilities since they may or may not have income that allows them to pay an arm and a leg. Extra taxes are not worth it for those who believe the government should get out of health care. This is what has people confused. Do they have to pay extra taxes or not? A recent opinion piece by Frank Garrison in the Tennessean explores the issue. Healthcare has turned into a heated issue on both sides. Single-payer is defined as health care being paid for by a single entity such as the government. While some people have no problem with this, others who feel government should stay out of health care do. There is no easy solution to the health care crisis but without access to care, the fact is, people die.


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