Great non-profits in the DC area

Some of the top non-profit organizations are located in the Washinton D.C. area. The Goodwill of Greater Washington is one of these groups. They seek to improve their community by providing people with employment and educational opportunities. They are known for their success training programs. These programs include:

  • Free Job Training
  • Assistance With Job Placement
  • Individual Work
  • Industry Recognized Certifications

These programs allow people to build up their education and work experience so that it is easier for them to get jobs. The Goodwill of Greater Washington works to push people toward ultimate success. They provide them with the tools they need in order to be successful in life.

SourceAmerica works with non-profit organizations and gives them the opportunity to work with people that are disabled. A large percentage of disabled people in the United States are unable to find work. SourceAmerica gives them the change to get back in the game and find a job. They seek to place individuals that will be beneficial to the non-profit organizations that hire them. They have working to improve the lives and opportunities of the disabled community for 40 years and continue to work harder.

Another great non-profit group in the D.C. area is The ARC of the District of Columbia, Inc. They work with people who have developmental and intellectual disabilities. They offer a variety of successful programs for people with disabilities. They also provide emotional support to these people and their families. By doing this, they empower them and give them back control. They have been helping people who have more than 100 types of disabilities for over 60 years. The ARC of the District of Columbia seeks to improve these people’s overall lives and they always advocate of their behave. They have many different programs that are beneficial to people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

  • Guided Employment Opportunities
  • Education Assistance
  • Social Support
  • Self-Advocacy Online

These programs have proven to be highly effective in changing the lives of people in D.C. who have disabilities. One of these programs, Self-Advocacy Online, was created by RTC and The ARC is very supportive of it. It is useful for giving these people access to educational and networking information online. The ARC of the District of Columbia continues to support, advocate, and provide job opportunities to the disabled community.

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