UAE Embassy Donates Soccer Field to Underprivileged Children

In collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Embassy in the United States gave a fully developed soccer pitch to the Franklin D. Roosevelt School located in Glenville. The school, which is run by CMSD, was the tenth beneficiary of the initiative overseen by the Embassy, which aims to avail amenities to underprivileged societies. Before Glenville, the program had been rolled out in several cities, including Chicago, Miami, Dallas, and Los Angeles among many others.

The latest phase was established in Cleveland, primarily because of the strong ties between the embassy and the Cleveland Clinic. The relationship goes way back to when the clinic inaugurated a hospital in the Abu Dhabi, helping in the construction and installation of appropriate infrastructure.

Eric Gordon, the CEO of CMSD, was gratified by the embassy’s generosity. In the ensuing press release, he noted the field would play a fundamental role in developing the lives of the children, through improving their health and nurturing valuable skills such as resilience and teamwork. Also, the pitch would provide an adequate playing environment for the kids. Yousef Al Otaiba, the UAE Ambassador, was expected to grace the inauguration but he could not make it.

Since its inception in 2010, the incentive, superintended by the UAE Embassy has made remarkable achievements. The initiative teams up with local groups. Including professional teams, schools and charity organizations, in a bid to avail cutting-edge playing facilities to underserved communities across America. So far, the program has overseen the successful construction and completion of ten such pitches which are distributed in various locations around the United States.

The support does not end at the development of grounds. Also, the benefactors, majority of whom are school-going children are given extensive and quality soccer training programs. Through this incentive, coaches can identify kids with exceptional talent and nurture them into top professionals. Furthermore, the children are exposed to intense exercise, making them less vulnerable to health conditions that arise due to lack of or insufficient physical activity.

Additionally, children acquire cherished life skills on top of physical benefits while at the soccer grounds. One such attribute is communication, which thrives due to interaction with their peers. By playing together, kids learn to appreciate the essence of teamwork in their undertakings. Actively participating in the games also averts the possibility of a load of negative incidents, which are likely to occur if the children are left to idle.

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