The UAE Embassy Supports US Health Institutes and Organizations

On September 9th, The United Arab Emirates (UAE) made a significant showing of support in the nation’s capital for the 2017 Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Deputy Chief Mission at the Embassy of the UAE Omar Al Shamsi was among several hundred UAE staff, diplomats, and students who came to Washington DC to participate in both the Race for the Cure’s 5K race and single-mile charity race.

The 2017 Race for the Cure had the UAE as an official sponsor that both provided its own runners and accommodated participants/spectators in a hospitality tent. Participants and spectators in the UAE hospitality tent were able to enjoy a variety of raffle prizes, henna art, and Emirati refreshments.

Positive ongoing collaborations
In recent years, the UAE has continually made a concentrated effort to show more public advocacy for organized health initiatives. One of the most prominent partnerships with medical institutions that the UAE has made in the United States is the Sheikh Zayed Building for Personalized Cancer Care at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Some of the other established health organizations that the UAE has notably gotten involved with include John Hopkins Heart and Vascular Institute (Sheikh Zayed Tower) and the Children’s National Medical Center (Sheikh Zayed Institute). The UAE Embassy has also shown support for the annual Health Kidney 10K organized by The New York Road Runners.

A global initiative
According to Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba, the UAE’s involvement in the Race for the Cure is an essential aspect of making sure that its survivors and supporters can come together to better raise awareness. As medical technology continues to advance, the UAE has been heavily invested in joining the forefront of international organizations worldwide committed to fostering better health care.

As the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure is the single largest fundraising event for breast cancer support on the planet, the UAE’s participation is a strong sign of its commitment to getting deeply involved in global healthcare advocacy.

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Should Healthcare be a personal responsibility?

Health care is a difficult subject these days with new legislation casually being blocked at every turn. For people who think that the government should stay out of healthcare, they are not seeing that the United States is a developed country with a high maternal mortality rate because of our health care crisis. Lack of healthcare access is what causes this problem. Obesity is the second cause of this problem of maternal death rates. Doctors have had to come up with standards of care in light of the desire to solve this problem. Health care needs to be a government responsibility, because for individuals, the cost of care is quite high. It can be up to the states to create guidelines for childbirth procedures.

Healthcare needs to be a government responsibility because it needs to be standardized. We lack common health care standards in American medicine. Health care has to be single-payer. The national health care system in the United States is in deep crisis because of lack of leadership. You can access insurance but it is expensive due to lack of standardization. The Affordable Care Act was revolutionary in its simplicity. People had options for the first time. People had access. This was a great time to be alive and have a disability.

But then the government decided to get involved, and attempted to gut the precious Affordable Care Act just to please a minority that didn’t want the government as involved. A free market health care system leaves many in the dust without access. Paying health care costs out of pocket is very troubling for those with disabilities since they may or may not have income that allows them to pay an arm and a leg. Extra taxes are not worth it for those who believe the government should get out of health care. This is what has people confused. Do they have to pay extra taxes or not? A recent opinion piece by Frank Garrison in the Tennessean explores the issue. Healthcare has turned into a heated issue on both sides. Single-payer is defined as health care being paid for by a single entity such as the government. While some people have no problem with this, others who feel government should stay out of health care do. There is no easy solution to the health care crisis but without access to care, the fact is, people die.


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Hope for Henry Foundation Makes a Difference

What noble could cause bring together personalities as diverse as Wolf Blitzer, Bret Baier, and former Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius? On October 27, 2015, it was the first annual Hope for Henry bowling charity event at Georgetown’s Pinstripes Bowling Alley.

Several political personalities and celebrities raised $160,000 that night to improve the quality of life for kids battling cancer and other illnesses at Children’s National Medical Center and MedStar Georgetown Hospital. The Honorary Chair of the event was Abeer Al Otaiba, the wife of United Arab Emirates Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba. Other guests included comedian Donnell Rawlings and former Chief of Protocol Capricia Marshall.

The evening also included a silent auction, a casual cocktail party, and even a visit from Spiderman. The event was wildly successful and covered by even the political media. The relaxed atmosphere was a welcome change in a city where formality is the norm.

Hope for Henry Foundation
Laurie Strongin and Allen Goldberg founded Hope for Henry Foundation in 2003 after their son, Henry, died. Inspired by his bravery in the face of constant and severe treatment for Fanconi anemia, his parents wanted to honor their son by creating an organization that could help other children cope with illness and treatment.

Among the goals of Hope for Henry Foundation are:

  • To employ child life specialists to help with therapy and increase trust
  • To motivate patients to comply with treatment by offering incentives
  • To ease the pain of illness and treatment and make the healing process more fun

Child life specialists guide patients and their families through treatment, explaining difficult terms and standing side by side with families through procedures. Money raised by the foundation is also spent on gifts, such as games and electronic equipment, for hospitalized children. These gifts ease the fears of patients and are used as incentives that prompt them to comply with necessary medical procedures.

However, Hope for Henry is probably best known for hosting fun events, including parties, movies, and celebrity visits. The most popular parties include Halloween and superhero ones. These reprieves add some joy and laughter to the painful day-to-day lives of these children.

Hope for Henry Foundation does important work to alleviate the boredom and depression hospitalized kids often feel. The smile on a child’s face at a Hope for Henry party shows the difference the charity makes more than any statistics can.

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Organizations that help in Somalia

The need for assistance in Somalia has increased from 5 million to over 6 million. There are so many natural disasters that have and do happen that affect these people every year. Somalia is susceptible to flooding, drought and constant conflict that affect the security and food supply of the people living there. Hundreds of thousands of children are at risk of famine. There is a combination of issues that have caused Somalia to deteriorate. Climate change, food crisis and irregular rainfall patterns have a lot to do with it. This had lead to deaths of livestock, poor water sources and the absence of milk. Without these helpful organizations, the situation in Somalia will worsen.

Islamic Relief

Islamic Relief is an organization that has been around for the past 25 years, and is committed to helping people in all walks of life, regardless of religion, race, or gender, and they are working together to free the world of poverty.

Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps was founded since 2005 and has been an important ally to Somalia. Decades of extremism and strife have resulted in the Somalia people to become displaced from their homes. The people of Somalia rely on government assistance and the help of such organizations as Mercy Corps. This organization helps provide clean water and distributes food. They help provide cash assistance, training and livelihood support that helps families supplement their income. They help increase education and provide more opportunities for youth.

Concern Worldwide

Concern Worldwide began working with Somalia since 1986. They respond quickly to emergencies caused by flooding, food shortages and drought. They also run programs long-term to help the people of Somalia to sustain their nutrition, education, health and livelihood. Concern Worldwide has provided cash transfers to over 14,000 families. They provide the families who don’t have telephones sim-cards so they can receive the transfers by mobile.

United Muslim Relief

Thousands of families are forced to flee for their lives due to constant fighting and war. The United Muslim Relief helps millions of people including children with food, education and proper healthcare. They collect donations of toothbrushes, toothpaste and provide dental units to help these families maintain proper dental care. Many children suffer from dental diseases which can lead to other health problems because of poor dental care.

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Great non-profits in the DC area

Some of the top non-profit organizations are located in the Washinton D.C. area. The Goodwill of Greater Washington is one of these groups. They seek to improve their community by providing people with employment and educational opportunities. They are known for their success training programs. These programs include:

  • Free Job Training
  • Assistance With Job Placement
  • Individual Work
  • Industry Recognized Certifications

These programs allow people to build up their education and work experience so that it is easier for them to get jobs. The Goodwill of Greater Washington works to push people toward ultimate success. They provide them with the tools they need in order to be successful in life.

SourceAmerica works with non-profit organizations and gives them the opportunity to work with people that are disabled. A large percentage of disabled people in the United States are unable to find work. SourceAmerica gives them the change to get back in the game and find a job. They seek to place individuals that will be beneficial to the non-profit organizations that hire them. They have working to improve the lives and opportunities of the disabled community for 40 years and continue to work harder.

Another great non-profit group in the D.C. area is The ARC of the District of Columbia, Inc. They work with people who have developmental and intellectual disabilities. They offer a variety of successful programs for people with disabilities. They also provide emotional support to these people and their families. By doing this, they empower them and give them back control. They have been helping people who have more than 100 types of disabilities for over 60 years. The ARC of the District of Columbia seeks to improve these people’s overall lives and they always advocate of their behave. They have many different programs that are beneficial to people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

  • Guided Employment Opportunities
  • Education Assistance
  • Social Support
  • Self-Advocacy Online

These programs have proven to be highly effective in changing the lives of people in D.C. who have disabilities. One of these programs, Self-Advocacy Online, was created by RTC and The ARC is very supportive of it. It is useful for giving these people access to educational and networking information online. The ARC of the District of Columbia continues to support, advocate, and provide job opportunities to the disabled community.

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UAE Embassy Donates Soccer Field to Underprivileged Children

In collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Embassy in the United States gave a fully developed soccer pitch to the Franklin D. Roosevelt School located in Glenville. The school, which is run by CMSD, was the tenth beneficiary of the initiative overseen by the Embassy, which aims to avail amenities to underprivileged societies. Before Glenville, the program had been rolled out in several cities, including Chicago, Miami, Dallas, and Los Angeles among many others.

The latest phase was established in Cleveland, primarily because of the strong ties between the embassy and the Cleveland Clinic. The relationship goes way back to when the clinic inaugurated a hospital in the Abu Dhabi, helping in the construction and installation of appropriate infrastructure.

Eric Gordon, the CEO of CMSD, was gratified by the embassy’s generosity. In the ensuing press release, he noted the field would play a fundamental role in developing the lives of the children, through improving their health and nurturing valuable skills such as resilience and teamwork. Also, the pitch would provide an adequate playing environment for the kids. Yousef Al Otaiba, the UAE Ambassador, was expected to grace the inauguration but he could not make it.

Since its inception in 2010, the incentive, superintended by the UAE Embassy has made remarkable achievements. The initiative teams up with local groups. Including professional teams, schools and charity organizations, in a bid to avail cutting-edge playing facilities to underserved communities across America. So far, the program has overseen the successful construction and completion of ten such pitches which are distributed in various locations around the United States.

The support does not end at the development of grounds. Also, the benefactors, majority of whom are school-going children are given extensive and quality soccer training programs. Through this incentive, coaches can identify kids with exceptional talent and nurture them into top professionals. Furthermore, the children are exposed to intense exercise, making them less vulnerable to health conditions that arise due to lack of or insufficient physical activity.

Additionally, children acquire cherished life skills on top of physical benefits while at the soccer grounds. One such attribute is communication, which thrives due to interaction with their peers. By playing together, kids learn to appreciate the essence of teamwork in their undertakings. Actively participating in the games also averts the possibility of a load of negative incidents, which are likely to occur if the children are left to idle.

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Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi Makes Heart Care More Available

The Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi has now been officially declared the center for cardiac issues. All individuals experiencing chest pain will now be taken care of at the clinic’s emergency room and heart disease consultants will give medical care to all patients at this early stage.
Increase in Patients

In 2016, the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi registered a large demand for heart patients in the emergency room. Some 2000 more people visited the emergency room than the previous year.
Individuals came in from nearby countries with chest pain, heart failure, and heart attacks. The hospital now has the capabilities and the staff to help a large number of patients from the region.

Citizens, residents and patients will all receive urgent specialized care from expert physicians who have years of experience in heart disease. The physicians will be on duty to care for anyone coming into the emergency room, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The clinic is equipped with the latest technologies such as advanced imaging, examination tools, and artery stents.

Teamwork with Specialists Now Available

The physicians will treat patients using hybrid robotic heart equipment for heart surgeries. There will also be teams of cardiovascular medicine and cardiothoracic physicians that can be consulted to discuss cases and plan the proper solution for each patient. Specialist doctors from other fields will also be called in when needed for consultation.

Do Not Neglect Chest Pain

At the Cleveland Clinic, Cardiologists have been warning people about neglecting chest pain. Since chest pain could be the first warning sign of a heart attack, getting treatment too late for this pain could do severe damage or cause death. Dr. Edris, a well-respected Cardiology and Cardiovascular Specialist in the United Arab Emirates says individuals are having heart attacks at a much earlier age. In the US, the average age of patients is between 50 and 60, but in the UAE it is between 40 and 50.

Symptoms of a Heart Attack

All individuals should be aware of the symptoms of having a heart attack. Many people experience symptoms that start out slowly and seem like it is nothing, but people need to pay attention to their body language. Once there is any kind of chest pain that lasts more than just a couple of minutes, you should seek proper medical care.

Symptoms that require medical care would include:

  • the feeling of pressure in the chest
  • pain that lasts for over a few minutes
  • pain that increases
  • pain that is causing tightness and extends to the upper limbs or neck
  • nausea accompanied by the tightness of breath

If you have such symptoms and cannot get to the hospital immediately, call for an ambulance. Time is of the essence when dealing with chest pain.

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A New Coiffure for a Cancer Cure

Most people are not willing to shave their heads without a good reason. Children’s National Medical Center (CNMC) has provided that reason for hundreds of willing participants with their Be Brave and Shave campaign, which raises both awareness and much-appreciated funds for CNMC in their ongoing fight against childhood cancer. Participants in the program register for personal fundraising pages through DonorDrive and then invite family, friends, and businesses to donate money to the cause. The effort culminates with the participants shaving their heads to show their solidarity with those children who lose their hair because of chemotherapy.

Be Brave and Shave events have been taking place throughout the Washington, DC metro area since 2009. The program appeals to all makes and models of philanthropists, from young private school students, local firefighters, and patients’ families, to high-ranking political officials. One such notable official was able to raise the staggering sum of nearly $550,000 dollars in one effort. H.E. Yousef Al Otaiba (, the United Arab Emirates Ambassador to the United States, volunteered to have his head shaved for the cause in January of 2010. He raised more than $274,000 from his relatives, acquaintances, and colleagues and then very generously matched the donations himself, accounting for about 72% of the program’s donations for the entire year.

Yousef Al Otaiba was inspired to support the Be Brave and Shave initiative by fellow humanitarian Joseph E. Robert, Jr. Robert had endured a battle with brain cancer himself and had lost his own hair as a result of his cancer treatments. After months of growing his hair back, Robert decided to shave it off again for a good cause, and he personally raised $114,025 for Children’s National Medical Center.

After following Robert’s example, Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba expressed his support for the hospital and the fundraising system: “Thank to the tireless work of the team at Children’s National, countless kids around the world have the support, care and attention they need to push through very challenging circumstances. I am proud to personally contribute to the hospital’s continued success.”

Although not everyone can raise $550,000 for children’s cancer research, anyone can contribute meaningfully to the success of the Be Brave and Shave campaign. Children’s National serves approximately 300 cancer-stricken children every year, and every dollar raised through this program brings them a dollar closer to finding a cure.

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Cindy Whitehouse: Pursuing Uncharted Territories in Business

Cindy Whitehead ( is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of The Pink Ceiling. She has been rated as the Entrepreneur Magazine as a woman to watch. She has also been rated by Forbes due to her net worth which was amassed in a very short while. She founded her company last year in April. Pink Ceiling is a brand manufacturing and marketing female Viagra. Whitehead seeks to empower women, through this company, by promoting their interests even in areas where this would be thought of as a taboo.

Pursuing a field that is thought to be for men is something that you would expect of Whitehead. From a tender age, Whitehead was intrigued by everything that was thought to be a man’s field only. At just the age of 12, she had to disguise herself as a boy in order to play in the baseball league. She signed in as Andy and was allowed into the Beach Little League team. Three years later, she began skating. At the time, skating for females was unheard of. But, Whitehouse being a hard nut, just had to prove that women can do everything just the same as men. So, two years later she was recognized as one of the best female skateboarders in the United States.

She decided to retire from skateboarding five years later. She began a career in sports styling. At first, she was a regular stylist but a few years later, her love for sports inspired her to be a stylist in the sporting industry. There her journey began. Her services would be sought by companies who were looking to advertise using athletes. She would style them based on their geographical locations and what was trending in the specific sports. During her time as a sports stylist, she worked with big league companies including Nike, Adidas, Gatorade, and Coca-Cola.

Whitehead uses the Pink Ceiling to offer consultation services to women with startups. Since she founded the company, they have been able to develop two pharmaceutical companies, Addyi and Sprout that have been really successful and were sold for over $1.5 billion. Perhaps the reason why Fortune Magazine branded her as a tireless force of Nature. Her excellent team of professionals, guide other entrepreneurs through the journey to becoming successful. They also provide them with marketing strategies.

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The Health Benefits of a Short Term Cleanse

Whether you’re wanting to lose weight or just improve your overall healthy a short term cleanse can help you. Most people by now have heard about cleanses but don’t know much about them. A cleanse is a natural way to detox your body. When it comes to which products to use it can be a bit confusing and tricky to tell which ones you need. In some cases, certain foods or drinks can assist you with a cleanse.

Cleansing doesn’t mean you can’t have tasty food, but it does mean that you may have to change your diet to some degree. You can find recipes to make desserts that do not contain as many calories but are packed with nutrition. Cutting out processed foods with additives can also be a form of a cleanse on its own.

For those who are too busy to keep up with calorie count but still want to do their best to lose weight, you may want to consider nutritional shakes instead. For example, Mannatech’s ( TruPlenish nutrition shakes are a great choice. These meal replacement shakes provide you with just enough calories for energy, satisfy your appetite, but will also provide you with all the essential nutrients and vitamins. The shakes are meant to replace a meal and should be used short term.

For certain results, you may need to consider some supplements to help target certain areas of the body and to better assist you in reaching your goals.

For example, there is a difference between a colon cleanse and a blood cleanse. While both aid in detoxing those areas of the body, they will both contain different ingredients in the supplements. A colon cleanse can often help people lose weight. It helps remove the excess build up of toxins and allows your digestive system to process food at a faster rate which reduces or eliminates bloating. Another health benefit is that it will allow your body to absorb the nutrients more efficiently.

Regardless of the supplements or diet, you choose to go with you need to take everything you eat and do into consideration. If you’re consuming more calories than you’re burning you may not be able to lose weight. Counting can be quite a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a number of apps that help you keep up with how many calories you consume and can also help you track your exercise schedule so you’ll know if you are making progress or not. Your diet goes a long way too. Before planning a meal, consider how many calories you’ll have to burn to make up for it.

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